Diane Louise Jordan - Savoury Donuts

Diane Louise Jordan - Roast Butternut Squash with Maize

Tony Blackburn - Coconut Rice Pudding

Tony Blackburn - Tart of Tomato, Beetroot & Shallot

Johnny Ball - Grilled Liver with Kidney Sauce

Johnny Ball - Gurnard Fillets on a bed of fresh peas

Simon Weston - Lamb Stew with Caerphilly Dumplings

Simon Weston - Poached Parsley Chicken

Christopher Biggins - Eggy Croque Monsieur

Christopher Biggins - Braised Sausages

Arlene Phillips - Pickled Fish with Pickled Cucumber

Arlene Phillips - Butter Pie with Corned Beef

Colin Jackson - Split Pea Soup

Colin Jackson - Jerk Salmon

Russell Grant - Bubble & Squeak with Sausage Cakes

Russell Grant - Roast Rack of Lamb

Alistair McGowan - Plum Crumble

Alistair McGowan - Chicken Riviera Pancakes

Lesley Garrett - Mussell Rissotto

Lesley Garrett - Pork Fillet with Roast Apples

Michael Buerk - Pork Belly

Michael Buerk - Blackcurrant Eton Mess

Anneka Rice - Chicken Kiev

Anneka Rice - Roast Pheasant

Below is a list of all 39 recipes from my

BBC 1 series 'A Taste Of Britain'

Pot roast collar of pork with braised cabbage

Stuffed mushrooms with blue cheese and aioli

Goat and tomato bredie

Sausage and spinach cakes on braised barley

Oysters thermidor

Radish and shallot pickle

Soused mackerel on rhubarb and ginger

Rack of venison with sage and caramelised endive

Stuffed best end of hogget with potato fondant and buttered cabbage

Scallops in a white wine sauce with watercress

Pork medallions on a bed of chard with bacon and cider

Glazed brisket steaks with broccoli salad

Guinea Fowl with onion and thyme

Strawberry and lavender queen of puddings

Rib eye of longhorn beef with herb and mustard garlic butter and duck fat potato wedges

Lobster with garlic butter, new potatoes and watercress salad

Porchetta with mulled apple compôte and bread pudding

Braised chicken turbigo

Roast crown of duck with young turnips and green olives

Crab cocktail

Vegetable ‘tatin’

Gooseberry and elderflower fool

Crown of chicken with tomatoes and spring onions and slow-cooked chicken leg pancake stack

Lamb sausages on lightly pickled cabbage and bacon

Honey, pears and madeleines

Wild boar fillet with beetroot and cumin seeds

Veal fillet on pea mayonnaise with tomato and green pepper vinaigrette

Asparagus, mustard and herb salad with a radish dressing

Baked stuffed apples in cider

Spatchcocked quail with pearl barley

Grey mullet, brown shrimp, tarragon and new potatoes

Cherry slice

Snail frittata

Lamb pencil fillets with kidneys and balsamic vinegar

Smoked trout pâté

Chicken chilli beer batter strips

Berkswell toasty pudding

Mussels with sparkling wine

Goodwood tart

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